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Big Balkan Brothers

No we just don’t want to do it all! But we can do a lot!  Involving in IT, video, audio, productions, web hosting, press, multimedia, offset printing, designing, multimedia and even tourism! 3B has the right expert partner in all those sectors!

  Based in Macedonia



3B is based in the republic of Macedonia and with this strategic position, bordering with countries such as Greece, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria and Serbia; 3B is the perfect production gateway in this part of Europe.

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All business you are doing with 3B is guaranteed with: no satisfaction? money back.

Therefore before we accept a project we will discuss all the details with you. If, for example, wine will be sold to you we will check each time before shipping the quality as we believe in a strong long term relation with you! We do not believe in half job

We always will try to step into your shoes and to feel the importance from your side!